There has been a lot of positive movement and strong indicators of growth and opportunity that we have seen recently in that past few months in both the staffing and property management industries.  As the demand for rentals has increased in the housing market, the need for more qualified staff on both a temporary and direct hire basis is becoming even greater.  While this news is exciting, it is also very important to not only keep residents and tenants happy, but also to attract and retain qualified staff    There is a direct correlation between resident retention and  on site management staff.  In order to retain residents and tenants, it is critical to remember that it starts with customer service and the quality of staff members.   Some of the ramifications of not having the right staff on site include loss of productivity, low morale, overworked staff members, and most importantly, unhappy residents.

 Here are some ideas to help improve resident and tenant relations to consider:

Tenant Relations

 The cost of retaining satisfied tenants through a proactive appreciation program is much less than the cost of finding a replacement to fill a vacancy.

 Below are some of the ways that Renoir clients have created effective tenant relations programs.

 Activities that build unity and encourage involvement contribute to a successful community.

  • Bring your tenants together at events to celebrate holidays or kick-off the summer BBQ season.
  • Offer a kid’s movie night once a week during the summer and set aside a place for parents to gather and talk during the film. 
  • Put together a team to participate in an event to support a non-profit organization.
  • Join your city’s softball league or organize a community tennis, Frisbee or other sports tournament at your complex.
  • Invite health professionals to an on-site health fair or plan a career advancement event with colleges and employers.
  • Host informal happy hours on your patio or in your lobby with music and snacks.

Loyal tenants feel connected to their community.  Don’t be afraid to get your current staff involved in the creative planning process as well.  You never know what great ideas you might find by reaching out to your staff members!

So, now that you have great ideas for keeping your residents happy, how do you find and keep the right talent at your community and/or office to ensure that your residents and tenants are handled with the care and attention that they deserve?

In order to retain your valued staff members, it is important to remember that they need motivation and encouragement to keep up morale.   Management staff  should try to keep things fun and enjoyable in the workplace as well as  offer activities or incentives that will keep your leasing and maintenance staff engaged and excited.   This will not only keep up morale but also increase performance levels critical to the overall success of the company as well as to ensuring the retention of your valued residents or tenants.

When faced with the task of hiring for an open position, remember that it takes more than just a simple review of the resume.  It is important to effectively screen potential candidates thoroughly with detailed, open ended questions to allow the candidate to expand on their skills and qualifications as well as provide examples of how they  handle workplace situations.   You should also remember to evaluate skills through various assessment programs and verify any credentials that the candidate might have as well.  The cost of making the wrong hire could be enormous if you don’t have a systematic and detailed screening and evaluation process when hiring.   

Here are some things to keep in mind to assist you in making the right hiring decisions:

The Cost of Making the Wrong Hire

Filling an open position appears to be a relatively easy task. The challenge for hiring managers is that they just don’t have the time to effectively screen, interview and hire staff. And, hiring the wrong person can be an expensive waste of time. Follow these guidelines to reduce the risk and even consider using Renoir’s recruiting services.

 ·         Take your time – Interview several people to find the right candidate. Fill in with a temporary employee rather than rushing to hire someone.

  • Write a Job Description- Written criteria will help you define your needs, attract appropriate applicants and be consistent in evaluating skills.
  • Research Salaries – You’ll gain an advantage in negotiation if you know typical salary ranges.

Here’s a great way to reduce the costs and risks of making the wrong hire

Temporary to hire or direct hire

Have you ever considered hiring through a staffing agency on a direct hire basis?

Trying to recruit on your own is an expensive and time consuming process. Having to read through hundreds of resumes, trying to match skills to job descriptions, and endless interviewing can cause frustration and anxiety. However, there is a solution to the hiring madness. Turning to Renoir for your real estate and property management staffing needs will not only save you time, but it will also save you money.

  •  Save Time- By using your human resource professionals at Renoir to screen candidates for your. we do the recruiting for you, then send you only the most qualified candidates to interview
  • Depend On- Each candidate you see on having the specific skills you are looking for to fill your open position. We test our candidates.
  • Save Money- By reducing the cost of advertising for your open positions. Simply let us know what you’re looking for and we take care of the rest- including the advertising costs.

Save Money Still- When you make a hire that is actually the right fit. We make sure that each candidate we send for you to interview “fits in” from skill set to company culture. We reduce the likelihood of making a “bad hire”; which positively affects your bottom line.

Arisha Williams, Director of Sales

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