Network at Industry Events! Here’s How To Get Started.

  At the moment, we’re happily preparing for TWO trade shows this month: the AAOC Expo at the Orange County Fair and Event Center tomorrow, Wednesday 3/12 (come see us in booth 238!) and the Income Property Expo in Pasadena on March 24, and as always, it gets us thinking about how these events can… read more

Ten Steps to a More Productive Staff

  If there’s one thing we know, it’s how to spot talent in the workforce. We send these professionals to our clients throughout the year but this week we also wanted to provide some smart steps to increase the efficiency of permanent staff.  The most succesful investment you can make as a business owner is… read more

Are You Dressed Appropriately for the Worksite?

  A hot topic of late has been wearing appropriate clothing to assignments. Navigating what to wear can sometimes be difficult for a temp due to the variety of company cultures they work in but Renoir maintains a general policy on the right outfits for each job to make it easier for temps to get… read more

Fight the Procrastination Battle. Win.

  If advanced degrees were given out for procrastination, would you possess one? According to one article, the answer is probably. Approximately half of Americans procrastinate on a regular basis, with up to 95% saying they do so on occasion. While most of the procrastinating we do may not hurt us, it can prove really… read more

Getting the Most Out of Your Recruiter’s Feedback

  You did your homework. You took what the recruiter gave you and ran with it. You scoured the internet for all the available information about the position, you checked out Glassdoor and read all the reviews from current, hopeful, and past employees. You noted what all the big names in career advice consider to… read more