The Importance of Thoroughly Reading Your Emails.

It won’t come as a surprise that we sift through a ton of emails each day. Fifty percent of our business is reaching out to candidates that we have sourced or who have reached out to us, and the other fifty percent is responding to our client’s request for staffing. It takes great skill in communication to make sure both go smoothly but snags in the process do occur. The number one culprit in these snags? Miscommunication.

Most notably, missing important information and/or requests for information in an email simply because it was not read thoroughly. For example, one of the most common problems I encounter after requesting information from a candidate is the lack of providing the correct type of answer to the question. Recently, I received an email from an individual requesting that someone from Renoir Staffing contact them. In order to direct this request to the correct team member, I responded inquiring as to whether this person was a candidate or an employer. The response I received was ‘Yes.’

Unfortunately, this was not helpful. And time was therefore wasted in again requesting that the individual identify as one or the other.  

If you’re a candidate, this is not a good way to impress your potential employer. And if you are a client, time is wasted in us providing you the solution to your need. And if we make the mistake of not thoroughly reviewing each email we receive, we look inefficient. Not good!

So whatever your role may be, job seeker, business owner, hard-working desk champion, I bet if you think about your workplace, you’ll agree that most of the mistakes which occur could be easily avoided if greater care were taken in reviewing the information involved. It’s an important factor to remind oneself at the beginning of each workday and one that can easily be passed around through your company in an effort to help productivity rise. And if your workday involves reading a lot of emails, as does ours, you’ll probably see improvement in the effectiveness of your desk immediately.

So give it shot. Read those emails 🙂

Jessie Williams, Marketing Coordinator

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