Ten Steps to a More Productive Staff

  If there’s one thing we know, it’s how to spot talent in the workforce. We send these professionals to our clients throughout the year but this week we also wanted to provide some smart steps to increase the efficiency of permanent staff.  The most succesful investment you can make as a business owner is… read more

You Told Us: The Ten BEST Articles on Career Advice!

  Each week we fill our social media pages with the articles we feel you should be reading; industry-related and timely information that we feel will help boost your business and/or your career. The Renoir Staffing Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ pages are curated for the property management professional in mind. We’re the resource you… read more

Boost the Productivity of Your Employees in Ten Easy Steps!

  If there’s one thing we know, it’s how to spot successful talent in the workforce. We provide this talent for our clients but this week we also want to provide some great steps you can take to increase the efficiency of your permanent staff.  You may pick up a few pointers for yourself! Communicate… read more

These Apps Will Take Your Productivity to the Next Level

  Last week on the blog we talked about procrastination and a few ways to battle getting constantly stuck in your workday. We covered recognizing what things caused you to procrastinate in the first place and then from there a couple responses you could take to eliminate the triggers. We just couldn’t stop with that,… read more

Fight the Procrastination Battle. Win.

  If advanced degrees were given out for procrastination, would you possess one? According to one article, the answer is probably. Approximately half of Americans procrastinate on a regular basis, with up to 95% saying they do so on occasion. While most of the procrastinating we do may not hurt us, it can prove really… read more

Why Renters Rent

Our series on keeping a competitive edge for property owners and property managers continues this week with a focus on understanding your current and potential tenants. Why do renters rent? Possessing a thorough knowledge of the motivations behind your target market will make you better able to cater to their needs and thus maintain high… read more

Say No to Stress During the Holidays!

It’s safe to say that the holidays are not around the corner any longer, they are front and center, demanding our attention. Next week begins the whirlwind of food, family, and gift-giving that will propel us through to the New Year. As we all know, this whirlwind lands squarely on top of an already-full plate…. read more