If 2015 is a continuation of our momentum in 2014, we are in store for a really big year!

In 2014 we saw our relationships with clients and candidates strengthen, we welcomed new faces to the Renoir team, and we had the privilege of forging new partnerships with property management companies. How lucky are we?!

The year was rich in networking opportunities, employment events, and company excursions that all served to create a stronger Renoir Staffing which in turn was able to better serve the clients and candidates with whom we owe all our success. We can’t thank them enough for the opportunity to provide invaluable growth in their business and careers! We feel that the most important thing we do everyday is to make sure we create perfect matches when placing our employees to the companies we support.

It gives us tremendous joy to accomplish this goal!

In 2015 we will see a Renoir Staffing broadening its’ reach of customer service to the real estate industry, including within our newest territory in Orange County! We plan on being even more active within industry events, providing even more career growth support to candidates, and of course having even more fun as a company (hello GoCar in San Francisco!).

We couldn’t be more excited to start this new year off with all of you. We wish you all a very prosperous 2015!

The Team at Renoir Staffing




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