If there’s one thing we know, it’s how to spot talent in the workforce. We send these professionals to our clients throughout the year but this week we also wanted to provide some smart steps to increase the efficiency of permanent staff.  The most succesful investment you can make as a business owner is the investment in your own staff!

  1. Communicate with your employees. If you implement only this one tip and none of the following, you’ll still notice a big difference in the energy of your business. Making a point to talk to your employees, especially giving them positive feedback when they’ve done a good job, is great way to make them feel like a part of the team and to take the company’s objectives to a new level. Take it to the next level and encourage them to share with you their own ideas and see their enthusiasm soar!
  2. Rewards and Prizes. Follow up with that communication by offering rewards (they need not be big) to employees who consistently excel at their work or who have completed a project with above satisfactory results. Or hold a contest in the workplace and offer a prize for the winner. It’s not necessary to offer a reward for every company objective met, but the occasional contest and/or unexpected gift can boost morale significantly.
  3. On that note, give them goals! Even if there is no prize in the end, goals set by employers are generally met with a positive response from employees, making them feel that they are providing value through their work.
  4. Create a fun atmosphere. Take an anonymous (or not) survey asking your employees what changes they would like to see in their environment with the goal of making them more comfortable. If they’re happy in their workspace, you’ll notice it in their focus towards tasks.
  5. Eliminate distractions. While the ability to multi-task is impressive, too many tasks on one’s plate can hinder their ability to get their work done in a timely manner. Encourage employees to step away from the ringing phone, emails, and multiple tabs open on their browser from time to time in order to focus solely on one project at a time. Not only does this promote project completion but chances are you’ll notice that the attention to detail is significantly improved.
  6. Conquer that tedious task first. A great idea for all workers out there. If there is a task you dread, get it done first thing. You’ll notice that by freeing your mind from the anxiety of the task will improve your productivity for the rest of the day. You may not know what task your employees dislike as they may feel apprehensive about revealing it but you need not know the particulars to suggest that they tackle that task first thing in their day.
  7. Promote the to-do list. People who write down their to-do lists consistently are generally much able to flow from one project to the next, as well as prioritize them, more successfully.
  8. Healthy bodies equal a healthy mind! Offer a gym membership program, company hikes through local parks, a company-wide sports team. Not only is this building a healthy company culture, it’s also encouraging your employees to be healthy in general, a no-brainer for feeling more energized. Great works results!
  9. Keep workspaces clutter-free and organized. Some people can navigate successful through piles of papers and tools, but most of us cannot. We need to keep our areas organized to find what we’re looking for quickly and to keep us from being distracted. This does not include personal items, for those generally make us feel comfortable, which as stated before, is important. Unless of course their entire living room is in their cubicle.
  10. And last but not least, be a mentor! Or provide one. Who likes to feel stagnant at their job, with nothing new to learn or suggestions on how to improve current skills? Having a mentor to help grow their career success is a great way to keep the enthusiasm level high as well as increase productivity. So if you can teach them, do so. Or get someone who can to do a presentation a few times a year.

We believe in fun and productive workplaces, we provide stellar employees who can blend into any work environment and boost the productivity of it, therefore we hope these steps result in your employees showcasing their own talents on a consistent basis. Above all, we hope you all have fun at work today and everyday!

Jessie Williams, Marketing Coordinator

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