“When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change.” First off, YOU answer the question: what constitutes a BAD day? Here are some examples of how your mood can make the day positive or negative. Hint: It’s all in how we react to the situation. 1. The alarm didn’t… read more

We’ll Be At the CAA Expo April 25th!

The CAA Expo is next week on Wednesday, April 25th at the Santa Clara Convention Center-come say hi! The theme this year is “Go for the Gold” and we’ll be at booth #620 to tell you about how we can build your winning team! There will also be a great raffle prize you can win!… read more

Have a Good Day at Work, Everyday!

The staffing and property management industries are entering the busy season as the days grow warmer and longer. For residential and commercial properties, there is landscaping to be done, events to prepare for, vacations looming (aka, increased workload), and a myriad of other tasks, both large and small. Some days can feel outright overwhelming. Last… read more

The Current Climate in both the Staffing and Property Management Industry: “How to retain and attract good residents and staff”

There has been a lot of positive movement and strong indicators of growth and opportunity that we have seen recently in that past few months in both the staffing and property management industries.  As the demand for rentals has increased in the housing market, the need for more qualified staff on both a temporary and… read more

What Makes Renoir Staffing Unique?

One of the primary reasons for Renoir’s success is that we truly care about our employees and the companies that we serve. We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. Because of our thorough screening process and our recruiting teams’ ability to ask the questions that will help us identify what our employees… read more

A Recruiter’s Day

Many Recruiters have chosen their job because they love customer service and making people happy. On top of that, the job is extremely fulfilling as they are putting people who are often financially struggling to work!  However, it’s a position that is demanding: recruiters jump through hoops every day, multi-tasking like mad to make our… read more

Is a Leasing Career for You?

Recruiters in the property management staffing industry often receive resumes with no experience for a leasing position they have available.  This may be the case because over the years a leasing position has been seen as a gateway or entry level position in the Property Management industry.  While at one time that was true and in some… read more

Bringing Happiness to Work!

Happiness has wide ranging effects- Like improving your motivation. A study shows that adults and children who are put into good mood select higher goals and perform better than those that are unhappy. The GREAT news is that recent scientific reports show your happiness level is something that can be increased with a minimum amount… read more