Have you ever thought about either using a staffing company as a resource for a job or have you thought about going through a temp agency to find that perfect candidate that you do not have time to look for?

Many times I have heard hiring managers say, “I would never hire a temp! Temps are just temps!”

Well for starters, I hate the word temp!  The name “temp”  does not give specific meaning to what is behind a true qualified employee. The true meaning of a temp is a qualified employee for the specific staffing need that a company has. As a recruiter, it is my role to find employees that meet the specific need of the customer so that when they arrive on the job, they walk in and go straight to work!  By having a temporary employee that is qualified for the position, the company does not have any loss of money, customer service, or time.  Using a qualified temporary employee can also help the customer save time on sifting through 100’s of resumes and interviews.

I also hear the statement, “Well, we do not want to train someone new.”  First off, if you bring someone in that has the correct skill set, you will not have to train that person for very long.  If you choose not to bring on another hand, the work load will continue to pile up, employees will get over-worked, and your customers will not be serviced well.

One area that hiring managers are unaware of is that they can interview the temps before they start.  I always suggest interviewing at least three candidates.  This will help in deciding who the right fit is.

So if you have a specific need at your place of work, don’t be hesitant to use a staffing company! And, it never hurts to have a conversation with a trained recruiter!  More than likely the day will come that you will need them!

Lia Lovelady-Harrison

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