Is a Leasing Career for You?

Recruiters in the property management staffing industry often receive resumes with no experience for a leasing position they have available.  This may be the case because over the years a leasing position has been seen as a gateway or entry level position in the Property Management industry.  While at one time that was true and in some… read more

The Importance of Customer Care

In asking ourselves the big question, “how do we grow our business?” there are many times that we miss the mark.  No matter what industry you are in there is always the push for profitability and growth no matter what industry or company you are with.  Sometimes we spin our wheels trying to get those… read more

To Staff or Not To Staff?

Have you ever thought about either using a staffing company as a resource for a job or have you thought about going through a temp agency to find that perfect candidate that you do not have time to look for? Many times I have heard hiring managers say, “I would never hire a temp! Temps… read more

Links to Useful Websites for Fair Housing

Although most people think it’s common sense, by law there are certain factors about a person which cannot be used in determining their eligibility for housing and other residential-related services. In this week’s blog, you will find a compilation of information and resources you can use to beef up your knowledge about fair-housing practices, whether… read more

Communicating In A New Workplace

Superior communication skills will set you apart from the rest. How often have we all suffered a setback in the workplace due to miscommunication? It’s simple enough to occur, especially when it’s been awhile since we last fine-tuned our listening skills. Often, the success of a team is built on the foundation of good communication,… read more

Holiday events support occupancy goals

Encompass holiday events into your retention program and the goodwill will lead to higher occupancy year round. Busy people are looking for ways to give back. You can help by having a food collection barrel at your property. Call your community food bank or the Salvation Army. Everyone loves a contest. Invite residents to decorate… read more