During your period of pre-employment, you will be expected to learn and implement a set of professional behaviors that will help you succeed in the workplace and in other life endeavors.

To make it in the work place and be successful, you always have to be respectful of others as well as yourself. Always be tactful and courteous to everyone, this may change the way a lot of people respond to you.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions! The more you know the smoother your job will be. Learn to cope with realities of the work place (not everything is going to go your way) and establish good work habits, paying special attention to detail and learning all you need to know about the job.  Accept suggestions and criticism from people, this may help you learn something about yourself you didn’t know existed! You should always give 110% on the job.

I have added a few pointers to get you going:


Maintain a good work attendance

Be on time if not early

Don’t stare at the clock!

Speak proper English; avoid slang!

Learn all the rules and be sure to follow them


Make personal phone calls

Get on the Internet for personal reasons

Conduct yourself like a party animal

Be dishonest

Arrive late or leave early

Being professional is a gift, not everyone has it but you can learn it!

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Connie White, Recruiter

3 thoughts on “Professional Behavior in the Workplace

  1. Your tips regarding professional behavior in the workplace are most interesting and helpful. Your point/quote at the end is also very powerful since it suggests that each individual has the capacity to conduct himself/herself in a professional manner.

    Pretty timely, but I wrote an article last month about “Starting a New Job Assignment.” Perhaps it will interest you.

    Interestingly, our lists appear to have several similarities, so what do you think is the number one key to “being professional?
    (If you had to choose one)

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