The summer heat has arrived and many of us have jobs that require we be out in the hot sun. Working outside during the summer requires a lot more thought and preparation in regards to protecting our health than any other time of year, especially in areas where the temperatures are often above 90 degrees.

It’s easy to forget to take precautions against the heat and just walk out the door to get the job done, however, doing so is often a guarantee that we’ll pay for it later on. And usually by the time we notice that the sun exposure is getting to us, the damage has been done!

The following are some quick tips to combat the negative effects of the heat. They’re easy to remember and get in the habit of doing so we can enjoy working outside!

1. Clothing: To protect yourself from becoming overheated you’ll want to keep your clothing loose and light (if appropriate to the job you’re performing) and wear long sleeves and pants to avoid the harmful effects of UV rays.

2. Sunscreen: Apply sunscreen regularly (every couple of hours, especially if you’re working with water and/or sweating a lot) and at a high SPF (at least 30 0r 45).  Carry a small tube in your pocket so that it is always on hand and easy to remember to apply.

3. Water. Drinking plenty of it! It’s best to drink small amounts regularly rather than a large amount all at one time.

4. Know the signs! You need to rest, cool down, and drink fluids if you experience the following: headaches, lightheadedness, hot dry skin, etc. Please click the following link for more information on heat exhaustion and what you can do to combat it:

Remember, appropriate clothing, sunscreen, and drinking water can ensure that you’ll not only be working safely, but enjoying the outdoors at the same time!

Protect yourself and have a great summer!

Jessie Williams, Marketing Coordinator

Special thanks to David Goguen at the FindLaw website for providing the information for this blog post. You can read his post at:


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