The holidays have arrived and in the midst of all the preparations, it is easy to lose sight of why they are celebrated in the first place! That being the case, we would like to take this opportunity to express what we at Renoir Staffing are thankful for this Thanksgiving-and that would be you!

While of course there are more than three things we are thankful for this year, these are the ones that stand out to us the most as they are the reasons we are able to provide excellent service to our industry:

Our clients: We truly enjoy working with you and are honored to be your chosen staffing agency. We appreciate your trust and will work hard to continue to deliver you the service you need. Thank you for opportunity to be included in the culture of your communities!

Our candidates: Thank you for all your hard work and for giving us the opportunity to represent you to the industry. It is because of you that our business thrives, and your professionalism and dedication to property management is gratefully acknowledged every day!

One another: Our team culture is special because we work together for the betterment of the company at all times and that is evident by our loyalty and motivation to make Renoir Staffing the only staffing agency that the property management turns to for top talent. We work together to better serve you!

So on this Thanksgiving, please know we will be thinking of the wonderful people who are a part of this industry, grateful for the opportunity to provide them either with a great job, or a stellar employee! We know we are here because of this industry’s amazing community and we are thankful for it!

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Team at Renoir Staffing, LLC

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