It has always been said that it is ‘who you know’ that helps someone get a job.  That theory has not changed. In fact, it is even more important now in our current job market.  Hiring managers sift through so many resumes that it is easy for them to skip over yours, even if you are qualified for the position.  But knowing who should receive your resume and/or who to call to speak with, may greatly increase your chances of getting an interview, or the best result, a job!  Seeking an experienced recruiter, in the specific field you work in, can be the answer to your current job search.

Not all recruiters have the perfect job for you or even have open positions, but what recruiters do have are contacts.  Take Renoir Staffing for example, I have been here for six years and I am pretty sure I know most of the regional managers with each company by now.  I know the decision makers, who hires, what positions are most commonly available in their company, I even know if their employees are happy or not!   Not only can I help push you in the right direction, I can also take a look at your resume and make sure it has all the points that a hiring manager wants to see.

I have many job seekers that utilize me just for questions and answers, and that’s okay, too.  In the end, networking is one of the best ways to implement the old saying, “It’s who you know.”  So if you find yourself struggling to get interviews or knowing who to follow up with, contact a recruiter in your field and see where it takes you!

Lia Lovelady, Recruiter

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