When you think of the all the ingredients that make an employee stellar in performance and valuable in character, what comes to mind?  A person who is punctual, appropriately dressed for his or her position, or perhaps someone who is goal-oriented, striving for success and is passionately eager to work all day and every day?  Personally, I think of all of the above and more.

Here at Renoir Staffing, it is our goal to maintain a wealth of eclectic top talent in the field of Property Management.  Therefore, when we encounter an employee who has strived above and beyond our expectation, we like to take the time to properly recognize them.  It is with pleasure that I highlight Renzo Acosta for his superb performance on any assignment he has committed to, his consistent dedication to following through in his work from start to finish, and the professional demeanor of which he dons to wow our clients at any given chance.

In February of 2011, we had the pleasure of interviewing Renzo and placing him out to work with our clients.  Since that time, Renzo has worked in different environments alongside a variety of people and has managed to remain professionally poised in each situation.  When on assignment, Renzo has a very positive attitude and gives 100% effort while adhering to both Renoir Staffing’s and the client’s policies and procedures.  His flexibility and willingness to help when needed on the job is very apparent as well as his ability to communicate effectively.  He also has a great sense of urgency to complete important tasks which speaks to his ability to manage his time wisely.  Furthermore, if he is presented with questionable tasks or when he is not quite clear of the expectations of his assignment, Renzo let’s his recruiter know and seeks clarity.

In totality, Renzo is a stellar employee.  His capacity to combine a positive approach to each assignment with professionalism, tact, respect for his duties as well as coworkers, and his can-do attitude speaks volumes.

Renzo Acosta we honor you!  Renoir Staffing sincerely looks forward to witnessing your continued professional growth and successes with our organization.  Cheers and keep up the great work!

Wakema Ligons, Staffing Associate


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