Growing up I was always very good in math and it was actually one of my favorite subjects in school. When most students were taking art and music and other fun elective courses I was taking any and all types of math courses for my electives. I ventured into taking an accounting class in the 12th grade and I knew then that was what I wanted to do. After graduating high school I took some accounting courses at a junior college. It was at this point that I realized accounting was what I wanted to do for sure and decided to enroll at Heald Business College.

After graduating, I had the privilege to work for some very good companies that allowed me to use the skills that I learned. Not only did I have the opportunity to utilize my skills but I worked with a lot of people that were willing to teach me areas of accounting that I didn’t know. That is probably where most of my knowledge in accounting comes from; on the job training and people that had confidence in me to teach me more. I know there is still plenty more for me to learn and I will continue to learn through education from accounting courses and asking how and why.

It’s always important to keep in mind that through work experience you can broaden your skills set and uncover new areas in your field of interest that you find interesting!

La Terra Francis, Accounting Manager

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