Last week on the blog we talked about procrastination and a few ways to battle getting constantly stuck in your workday. We covered recognizing what things caused you to procrastinate in the first place and then from there a couple responses you could take to eliminate the triggers.

We just couldn’t stop with that, however, and we went on the search to find more tools to help you stop dragging out projects and start accomplishing goals like the proactive superstar you are! The technology department has a lot to offer in this arena but even there it is easy to get bogged down and well, procrastinate, with making choices and implementing the products.

So we did it for you. Just this first step. Below find links to what we think are some really great tech tools that could help you sail through you to-do list easily and effectively.

Refresher course in recognizing procrastination (and some tips to beat it): How We Procrastinate

These just make sense: Best Apps for Work

The interface on these apps may look like a game but they don’t play around: 7 Clever Mobile Apps to Conquer Procrastination

Taking it to the next level, these tools mean serious business: 8 Top Tools to Help Beat Web Procrastination

We don’t want to give you too many options. You might procrastinate if we do 😉

All you need to do now is begin.

Jessie Williams, Marketing Coordinator

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