With so many people out of work these days, hiring managers have some of the best talent waiting to be interviewed.  As we’re sure you know, it’s tough competition out there. In the past, we’ve covered in detail how to make yourself shine, but as a refresher, here are some tips in how to compete:

First, do you know how to do the job you’re applying for? Given the volume of resumes they are receiving, hiring managers do not have the time to consider unqualified candidates, even those who state they learn quickly on the job. A candidate should apply for a position that they have direct experience in and make sure they have listed their qualifications on their resume.  A great resume is the first thing the customer is looking for! Make sure it shows the customer why you are a perfect fit for the job. Second, when you get the interview, make sure you are dressed in apparel that will knock the socks off of them! Suits make a great first impression, informing your potential employer that you are taking their time, and the position, seriously. Third, think before answering a question during the interview, and speak slow and clear.  Do not over do it! Be simple and specific.

In California it can be hard to get a reference from any HR department. With this being said, hiring managers REALLY want to speak with someone that you worked with. They want to know how you performed, if you were on-time, and if you are reliable. Make sure the references you note in your resume are for individuals that can provide these types of references.

Remember, with a bad economy, employers want to know what you can do to help their property succeed.  What can you do to bring down delinquency?  Vacancy? On notice? Market the property?  How good of a closer are you?  How good and fast are you on turnovers? Grounds keeping? Be prepared to answer questions and be prepared to SELL YOURSELF!

Lia Lovelady, Regional Sales Manager

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