Tomorrow most of us will gather with friends and family. And while there is great emphasis on the stress of the holidays, and the shopping opportunities!, the Renoir Team would like to pause and take a moment of remembering the true purpose of the season: to celebrate and feel thankful for those who have blessed our lives with their presence. And for us, that includes the many clients and candidates we have had the very fortunate pleasure of serving this past year.

It goes without saying that without our clients and candidates there would be no Renoir. So maybe a better way of illustrating our appreciation for the industry would be to look back on nearly thirty years of service to property management, thirty years of assisting the careers of aspiring professionals, of working hand-in-hand building communities that offer more than shelter but a way to live a safe and healthy life. Everyday we walk into our offices with our industry in mind, pondering how we can do a better job to serve those that have been so generous to us. The most important part of our day is making sure we find a way for all of us to succeed.

In 1985, when we founded this company, our choice to work in property management was not random, we picked this niche because we knew how important it was to provide knowledgeable individuals to assist in local Senior Housing communities, to lend their Fair Housing expertise, and to help build the strength of businesses whose purpose it is to provide safe and attractive housing.

We started this company, and continue, on the bases of wanting to make communities stronger and we are so fortunate to have been able to do so for the last three decades. We thank all of you who have trusted us in assisting with the building of your career, or your community. We wish you the best the holiday season has to offer and hope that you spend this time surrounded by the ones you love.

Happy Thanksgiving.

The Renoir Team

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