This summer, the Renoir Team was busy busy busy! Event after event, we got the opportunity to meet industry professionals that blew us away with their knowledge and commitment to providing great service in property management. On top of that, we had a blast!

We started off the busy summer season with the CAA Expo in Santa Clara. We  wrote a blog a few months back about the success of the day, you can check it out here. And here’s a picture of us at our booth:

The Renoir Team at the CAA Expo

We followed the CAA Expo by hosting a tee at the RHA Golf Tournament in Auburn, CA. This year’s theme was the Roaring Twenties, so we gathered up all the candy that had been invented in the 20s (most of the candy we eat today comes from that decade!) and opened our own little candy shop on the golf course! Here’s our shop and the incredible Folsom team who dressed for the occasion:

The Folsom Candy Shop Ladies! From left:Staffing Associate Nicki North, Account Executive Erin Gilligan, and Regional Manager of Sales Lia Lovelady!

We caught the golf fever and immediately signed up to host another tee. This time, the SF Bay team wanted to hit the course, so we sponsored a hole at the CREWSF Golf Tournament. It was held at the gorgeous Claremont Golf Club in Oakland, and the day was equally gorgeous as well. There was no theme other than having fun and that we did! Out of a bevy of beverages provided by the club to each sponsor, we chose sangria. Here are Account Executives Karen Quennell and Roxanne Lau-Smyers displaying the golfer’s options: 

What Will It Be?! Account Executives Karen Quennell and Roxanne Lau-Smyers at your service!

What Will It Be?! Account Executives Karen Quennell and Roxanne Lau-Smyers at your service!

Not three days later we were at it again! The RHA held their annual expo at Cal Expo in Sacramento, CA and the Folsom team was back in action. We took our previous candy shop theme and expanded it as well as changed decades: the 1950s. We had toys and treats for all our visitors and they responded enthusiastically! We’re proud to say there was very little candy left to pack up at the end of the day 😀

1950s Renoir Treats and Toys!

1950s Renoir Treats and Toys! From left: Regional Manager of Sales Lia Lovelady, Director of Sales Arisha Williams, Marketing Coordinator Jessie Williams, and Account Executive Erin Gilligan!

Phew! As summer draws to a close, I think we can all say that this has been one of the most fun seasons we’ve had! We enjoyed so very much meeting each and all of you, and are very grateful that you all stopped by for a chat. Our favorite part of our job is meeting and working with all the professionals who make the property management industry such a great community to be in!

Thank you all and hope that your summer was just as fun, if not more so, than ours!

The Renoir Team

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