The New Year has arrived! We’re well into the first month of 2014; how are you doing with your professional goals? We spent most of last week promoting successful career advice on our Pinterest page and wanted to bring you some key points we learned ourselves on how to make the most of your professional growth whether that be a new job or improving an existing position.

  1. Setting the appropriate goal. Sometimes we set goals that are unrealistic or are actually not in line with what we hope to accomplish by the end of the year. Recognizing attainable and relevant goals can take some time but in the end you’re bound to feel better prepared and motivated to go after them. I really liked the guidance the following article offers us in recognizing the factors that matter most to us in every aspect of our lives: Personal Goal Setting
  2. Time Management. Quite a bit of what we set out to accomplish relies on our ability to juggle projects and accomplish tasks in a timely manner. If you’re easily distracted or tend to feel overwhelmed with multiple projects, therefore you experience difficulty finishing projects, you’ll probably need to learn how to incorporate some of these practices in your daily routine: Develop Strong Time-Management Habits
  3. Seeking Assistance. You’ve set your goal and ironed out your time management issues. Things are going well. But somewhere along the way you hit a snag. Maybe an upset at work? personal life making it difficult to focus on your goals? Whatever the reason, you can find career advice in a number of places, including major job  board sites like or And don’t limit your energy there, a simple Google search, such as career advice resources, can yield riches of career advice and inspiration blogs to get you over the bumps on the road to goal success!
  4. Bonus: Find inspiration in the resolutions of the thriving: Successful People’s Resolutions

The most important factor in the journey to realizing your 2014 goals is that you consistently feel the excitement of reaching the milestone. Pick something you truly care about, large or small, and remind yourself throughout the year why you picked this resolution and the enrichment it (and that journey) will give to your life when you accomplish the goal!

Jessie Williams, Marketing Coordinator

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