Have a Good Day at Work, Everyday!

The staffing and property management industries are entering the busy season as the days grow warmer and longer. For residential and commercial properties, there is landscaping to be done, events to prepare for, vacations looming (aka, increased workload), and a myriad of other tasks, both large and small. Some days can feel outright overwhelming. Last… read more

How to Survive as a Temporary Worker in the Current Economy

Temps often don’t get the respect they deserve and with the downturn of the economy, it is taking temporary employees much longer to secure a fulltime position. However, if a temporary worker uses an assignment as a working interview very often they are invited back, or asked to stay at the assignment longer. Here are… read more

Bringing Happiness to Work!

Happiness has wide ranging effects- Like improving your motivation. A study shows that adults and children who are put into good mood select higher goals and perform better than those that are unhappy. The GREAT news is that recent scientific reports show your happiness level is something that can be increased with a minimum amount… read more

New Renoir Staffing Newsletter!

This week check out the newly released Renoir Staffing newsletter! We’ve had a busy summer this year: new office and recruiter, amazing events, and great new clients who love our rock star employees! Check it out here: Renoir Newsletter The team at Renoir Staffing would like to thank all the clients and candidates that make… read more

Client Highlight: Community Housing Opportunities Corporation

CHOC, or Community Housing Opportunities Corporation, is a successful organization serving people and families in the greater Sacramento area.  As their website explains, “CHOC exists to empower families through the increase of available affordable housing, substantially improving the quality of life for very low to moderate income households.  This is achieved through the development of… read more

What to Wear for an Interview

Does it really make a difference what you wear to an interview?  In many cases it does. According to Kim Zoller at Image Dynamics, 55% of another person’s perception of you is based on how you look. It is best to dress for success and if you are not sure what the dress code is… read more

A Realistic & Solid Approach to Multitasking

We have all been there, ‘there’ being the ever so isolating and energy-draining lure that every Monday morning seems to engulf us in once we walk into our work space ready for administrative combat.  From having to address numerous emails that all seem time sensitive to racing from meeting upon meeting while still fitting in… read more

The Importance of Customer Care

In asking ourselves the big question, “how do we grow our business?” there are many times that we miss the mark.  No matter what industry you are in there is always the push for profitability and growth no matter what industry or company you are with.  Sometimes we spin our wheels trying to get those… read more

Diffusing Tension in the Workplace

It is virtually impossible to go through life and not utilize or apply some level of emotion when encountering people or situations.  With the immense amount of diverse pressures currently placed on many people, it is no surprise that some have allocated their frustrations inappropriately.  Those of us with full time employment spend a hefty… read more