Client Highlight: Community Housing Opportunities Corporation

CHOC, or Community Housing Opportunities Corporation, is a successful organization serving people and families in the greater Sacramento area.  As their website explains, “CHOC exists to empower families through the increase of available affordable housing, substantially improving the quality of life for very low to moderate income households.  This is achieved through the development of… read more

The New vs The Old Way of Doing Business in Staffing: Innovative Changes in Staffing for 2011 and Beyond

As a staffing professional for almost 15 years, I have noticed many changes in the staffing industry over the years.  What hasn’t changed is the fact that companies have always come to rely on utilizing staffing services to fulfill many short-term and even long-term staffing needs.  While the staffing industry has had to respond to… read more

Great Online Resources from Renoir Staffing, LLC.!

One of the many reasons that Renoir Staffing, LLC. is unique is the way in which we keep our customers and employees in-the-know with social media tools. We make it a point to provide up-to-date information and breaking news to those following us on Facebook, Twitter, and our blog-all three excellent forums in which to… read more

Links to Useful Websites for Fair Housing

Although most people think it’s common sense, by law there are certain factors about a person which cannot be used in determining their eligibility for housing and other residential-related services. In this week’s blog, you will find a compilation of information and resources you can use to beef up your knowledge about fair-housing practices, whether… read more

Organized Office=Smoother Day

Too many of us working folks end up with lost phone numbers, forgotten files, or a desk so messy that you can’t even see the desk itself. Organizing an office or making any sense of the mess at work can seem like a tumultuous task, so here are a few things that I use to… read more