The two things we do the most around here? Talking and reading. Our focus is to be in-the-know in regards to the property management industry and the two best ways to be just that is to talk to people in the industry and read the content they have published. It keeps us sharp on the needs of our clients and candidates which only serves to make us better able to provide them excellent service.

We’re going to add a new series to our blog starting this month which will be periodic collections of links to websites and individual articles that have grabbed our attention for one reason or another. Since the time we have to peruse online publications each week is limited, we’ve gotten really good at recognizing the valuable sources out there for relevant information and we want to share it with you!

So, without further ado, here is this blog’s collection:

We’ve mentioned this before on our Facebook page but it’s worth mentioning again as it is a big favorite of our Marketing Coordinator. According to her, is probably the most entertaining and smart collection of real estate news online. The format is easy to navigate, very attractive, and the writing is tight and refreshing. They’re nationwide but section their website in the traditional format of individual locations. Here is the link for the SF Bay Area: Enjoy!

For fun: Whether you own a business or work for one, standards for social media behavior applies to you. Well, if you care about the perception you make to the industry (and if you don’t, keep your profiles private and for friends only!) It’s easy to make a whoops in social media but take caution not to make such big ones that they hurt your career. When managing a social media page, in this case Facebook, here are some good rules to go by: 25 Things That Make You Look Dumb on Facebook.

One-Stop: Compilation site of the postings made by industry companies that covers everything Affordable Housing in a daily collection with minimal advertising. How cool is that? Plus, along with the news is the added bonus of discovering new companies to follow on social media sites through previewing the content they post. We’re fans. The Daily.

There’s A LOT more (we work in such a great industry!) and we’ll keep delivering our favorite news spots throughout the year!

The Renoir Staffing Team

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