One of the best ways in which you can succeed as a staffing professional is to attend industry events. They are empowering and give great insight into current industry trends and up-to-date sales strategies. Simple run an internet search on your industry along with ‘associations’ and you’ll see the many options you’ll have to choose from! In regards to property management, California Apartment Association (CAA) and Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW) are two examples of the excellent associations available to become a member with and grow your skill-set.

As Renoir Staffing’s San Francisco recruiter, I highly recommend California Staffing Professionals (CSP). They offer a wide array of services including an Annual Conference and their upcoming Staffing Owners Retreat. To view their upcoming events calendar, visit their website at

Another great resource for training in staffing sales is Barbara Bruno. She has over 25 years of successful staffing experience and her webinars (another great and affordable resource!) can improve your “game” significantly! Sign up at

Whether your work in staffing or many of the other sales industries out there, events, online training, and being a member of an association, can strengthen your sales skills and increase the level of success you enjoy from your career!

Theresa Cannon, Recruiter

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