We have a phrase here at Renoir Staffing that we use in all our marketing materials and in our general correspondence with clients and candidates that we feel describes this company and its’ premier status as the leading staffing agency in the property management industry and that phrase is The Fine Art of Real Estate Staffing. This catchphrase is more than just a play on the name ‘Renoir,’ it exemplifies precisely the level of excellence in customer service we strive for everyday. And part of that service includes delivering the best candidates for the job, and that is the backbone to our company.

Our mission is to find the ‘gem’ candidates of real estate property management. Once they are identified, we can then place them on either a temporary assignment or direct-hire position with our clients, and because we commit to providing the best of the best, the intensity of our screening process is what makes us unique. Candidates do not get placed in positions unless they have passed our rigorous qualifying process with flying colors, and our clientele has come to rely on our company for individuals with professionalism and experience.

To be a world class property management agency in everything we do exemplifies our commitment to excellence, both in quality and service, and our in-house discussions, often centered around our client’s needs and how we can better boost local employment numbers, creates a company culture that is grounded, innovative, and informed, not to mention successful. And that, is what makes Renoir Staffing The Fine Art of Real Estate Staffing.

Mariela Ramirez, Staffing Associate

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