The headlines are telling us that more and more people are shifting their views on what they deem as acceptable housing. Renters are increasingly becoming a trend, not just out of necessity but also the result of personal choice. Home ownership has always been an emphasis of the ideal lifestyle in American culture, but that is changing as more and more individuals and families decide that renting fits their lifestyle best. So what does this mean for property management companies? More potential customers coming through their doors! Yay!

But this increased interest in renting also means that competition will escalate. How can you convince those potential tenants that your properties as the most desirable out of all their choices? Two words: customer service.

While highlighting the amenities of apartments is obviously very important, you’ll find that what they remember most when perusing their options is the manner in which they were treated when they visited your property. The fanciest gym or biggest pool (or even the most convenient parking) doesn’t hold a candle to a property that can offer the best customer service on the block to their tenants. Here are some customer service tips to remember when marketing your vacancies:

Your “Wow Factor” Should Be the Way Your Company Treats Your Tenants. Not only will you retain the tenants you currently have, you’ll gain new ones through positive word-of-mouth. Referrals are pretty much the easiest way to gain more revenue, they come to you half-way sold on moving in! You just need to close the deal by demonstrating that what they have heard is spot-on. Put simply: be friendly, helpful, honest (no empty promises!), and timely in the process.

Speaking of Friendly. Remember that your customers are more concerned with the property meeting their lifestyle requirements rather than whether or not you are having a good day. A bad mood is going to damper the outlook they have on the community while courteousness and enthusiasm will entice them to consider the unit seriously. Think about the businesses you frequent. What draws you there? Prices, yes. Convenience, sure. But would you still go to these places if the people behind the counter didn’t treat you very well? Probably not. A quarter more for a gallon of milk is most likely worth it if you feel that clerks really care about your shopping experience.

Make Them Want to Live There. Find out what your current tenants both love, and not love, about living at your property. Fix the problems. Then emphasize to customers what tenants love about living there as well as inform them that you care about their happiness and will resolve any issues that may arise. We love to have our voices heard and concerns addressed. Demonstrating listening and problem resolving are two traits that truly set a business apart from its’ competition.

Take Pride. This is the all the previous suggestions combines, along with a heaping spoonful of maintaining the function and appearance of your property. Keep it clean. Keep it attractive. Keep the units in outstanding condition. Combine the pride you have for your property with your above-and-beyond customer service and the door to the office will never close again!

Happy Renting!

The Renoir Team

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