This week we return to our Competitive Edge series for property owners/managers. Last time we discussed Why Renters Rent and you have spent the time between then and now focusing on the motives for renting behind your target market. You know who they are, what their looking for, and now you need to know how to market your property to them in such a way that will make your community more attractive than your competitors. There’s a lot of information out there that goes over this, both our own knowledge on the subject and that of other experts, and we’re going to be sharing it with you this week and in weeks to come. As marketing plays such a huge role in the development and success of a company, it is going to take more than one blog to cover the details! So let’s get started:

You need a Facebook page for your property. This is an easy way to advertise the culture of your community/communities and it is still pretty unique in property management. While large real estate companies have their own pages of course, it hasn’t yet become common for smaller property owners and that’s one of the reasons why jumping on this resource now will set you apart from your competitors. Your market is informed, and they rely on the experience of their peers when making a decision. If you can reach them with content that demonstrates that your property is a place they want to live (before they even step foot on it) and have that content positively reinforced by current tenants, your referrals could potentially skyrocket. It’s free and not very time-consuming once you’ve mapped out a posting schedule, and it can really give your space a positive reputation.

Okay, so now that’s I’ve convinced you that a Facebook page is a great way to start your marketing campaign, here’s one of my favorite articles on doing it right:

Top 10 Must Read Tips to Run a Successful Facebook Business Page

Did you take note of the last sentence in the article? We’ll be covering these other channels soon! Stay tuned and in the meantime:

Ready. Set. Get on Facebook!

Jessie Williams, Marketing Coordinator

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