Temps often don’t get the respect they deserve and with the downturn of the economy, it is taking temporary employees much longer to secure a fulltime position.

However, if a temporary worker uses an assignment as a working interview very often they are invited back, or asked to stay at the assignment longer.

Here are some tips on how to be the perfect temp:

Do your homework: If you have been assigned a position, do some research on the management company and the property. A good resource is the local Apartment Guides that can be found free at supermarkets and other stores.  If time permits call the property and introduce yourself.

Show up and look good: It is very important to be on time or a bit early and always look professional!

Forget you’re a temp: While you are at the property you are part of the TEAM and you work for them on behalf of the agency.

Throw away your watch: Clock watchers irritate dedicated bosses and key team members.

Expect no support: Understand that people won’t have that much time. Just get the work done.

Be yourself: But try and fit in! If you think you like the idea of becoming a temp-to-perm employee, work well with the team. As a temp, everyone gets to see all of you, which is a good thing if you’re hoping they’ll offer you a job. People often get jobs based on personality. Through temping, people who wouldn’t normally get the job, get the job!

Heightened skills: Soft or hard, you need to have good skills. Seek extra training if your skills are not strong.

interviews:Interviews are a very forced thing.  Working as a temp-to-perm obviously gets you out of the interview traumas. Employees who start as temps are often people who stay at the job. You get an opportunity to establish whether the culture suits your personality.

Interview your bosses: One of the beauties of temp work is you have the chance to select your prospective employer. Working as a temp also gives companies the chance to “talent spot” you.

Eyes and ears: Keep your ears open if you hear someone say that they need something done, and then volunteer to do the job. Don’t bury yourself in your desk.

Think Solution: Nobody recruits a temp unless there’s a problem they need solving. You should behave as though you’re a solution to a problem they’ve got!

Think long-term: Your temporary boss might pop up elsewhere – perhaps in your next permanent job. Show interest in their business. Don’t say ‘I’m sorry, I’m a temp’ when you answer the phone.

Know your objectives: Is it to earn money, be valued or increase your network?  It could well be all three!

Impliment these tips and you’ll be well on your way to securing a job, permanently!

Karen Quennel, Recruiter

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