Employment through a temporary service creates many unique challenges for the safety of the employee that may not occur in a traditional employment relationship. It is the responsibility of the staffing company, the client, and the employee to create a safe place for the employee to work.

The staffing company is responsible for ensuring the employee is covered under a Workers Compensation insurance policy and to manage any claims of injury that occur. To minimize claims, the company needs to know as much about the job assignment and workplace where the employee will be working, since it is not possible to observe the employee on a daily basis. In order to gather this information, the company will perform periodic visits to the client worksite to check for anything that could be a potential hazard for the employee.

For a temporary employee, it is very important that he or she maintains communication with the staffing company, especially where safety is concerned. If the employee is injured or feels that he or she is working in an unsafe environment, the first call should be to the recruiter at the staffing company. The company should respond swiftly to any concerns to ensure that the employee is safe and any injuries are treated immediately.

It is the employee’s right and the employer’s (both the staffing company and the client company) obligation to have a safe place to work, but it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that this happens. With open communication everyone can a safe and productive workplace!

Sara Skowronski, Manager of Operations & Human Resources

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