When I first started working in the Property Management industry I had no idea just how far I would go and that I would always end up in the industry in one shape or another, even when I was trying to make a change to a different industry.

I started in the residential property division of a management company not too long after I got out of high school. It was a basic administrative position. The bread and butter of the company that I worked for was their Homeowner’s Association Management division. However, we were creeping up on them quickly and growing our division immensely. I was quickly learning the ins and outs of the business from my supervisor, who had been with the company for ten years and had started as an administrative assistant as well. Within six months I too was a Residential Property Manager, and I loved it. Since then I have been successful in Property Management, Real Estate, and now the placement of professionals in rolls just like the ones I’ve been in myself.

With the economic downturn over the past several years, Property Management has actually been on the upswing. More people are being forced to give up the homes they own and the rental market is large and thriving. I don’t believe that this is going to change for quite some time. It has been far more difficult to obtain a home loan and many people are too reluctant to purchase in this market. Hence, rentals will continue to thrive. With that comes the need for more qualified individuals in a variety of roles: Administrative, Leasing, Maintenance, etc. Many realtors that have been struggling with the poor Real Estate market have made the switch to Property Management.

I believe if you are customer service-oriented and have a true love of talking to people, this is a great industry for you. Also, if you enjoy variety, it suits that as well. Things change in the industry on an almost constant basis and there are always going to be new laws, or changes in laws, to keep you on your toes. Plus, nine times out of ten you are helping people and that, for me, is the best part. Property management is the perfect blend of giving back to your community as well as supporting your livelihood!

Erin Gilligan, Staffing Associate

One thought on “Property Management: Steady Work with a Solid Future!

  1. Great article! I really enjoyed reading it! I work as well in the property management industry for a company called Triumph Property Management. I love what I’m doing and I would never work in other industry. All I want to say is that I have the same satisfaction in my work because I’m helping people. It’s a great job and the rewards are satisfying.

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