Superior communication skills will set you apart from the rest.

How often have we all suffered a setback in the workplace due to miscommunication? It’s simple enough to occur, especially when it’s been awhile since we last fine-tuned our listening skills. Often, the success of a team is built on the foundation of good communication, with employees realizing that a strong rapport with their team will result in frequent accomplishments. In the case of teams that have little or no success, errors can be traced back to poor information-sharing and a shaky foundation where there is little trust involved.

When you are temporarily employed, the concept of teambuilding techniques may not seem important, or plausible. But even when your stay at a business is short, building a solid and successfully functioning rapport with co-workers is crucial to not only the success of the business, but your success as a temporary, and hopefully future permanent, employee. And the best way to demonstrate that you are a rock star in your field and any company would be lucky to have you? Communication.

Never assume. Being capable of figuring things out as you go is a talent sought by some employers, but assumptions get us into trouble. If your manager is unclear in his or her instructions, ask for clarification. Demonstrate just how proactive you can be by asserting yourself as someone who wants to get the job done, and done right. This builds trust, so that while you may only be there for the short term, you are not treating the assignment as a temporary job.

Introduce yourself. A solid rapport, and therefore successful workplace, occurs when the team knows their members and their function at work. If you have not been introduced to your temporary coworkers, make the effort to tell them who you are and not only what your role will be at the workplace, but any responsibilities you have in assisting them. And be sure to listen to what they have to say. Showing enthusiasm and dedication to the job will not only ease your transition into the new environment, but you’ll be immediately contributing to the success of the team!

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