CHOC, or Community Housing Opportunities Corporation, is a successful organization serving people and families in the greater Sacramento area.  As their website explains, “CHOC exists to empower families through the increase of available affordable housing, substantially improving the quality of life for very low to moderate income households.  This is achieved through the development of high quality, affordable, and environmentally-sensitive housing; advocating for affordable housing programs; the efficient leveraging of all corporate resources; and the continuing, shared dialogue between CHOC residents, staff and board members.”

Renoir Staffing has partnered with CHOC over several years to staff trained, skilled, and exceptional candidates in subsidized property compliance and maintenance.  CHOC requisitions include Tax Credit or HUD qualified personnel, bilingual staff, and experienced and knowledgeable maintenance workers.  Many of these Renoir-provided employees work on long-term, full-time contract assignments.  On occasion CHOC has offered permanent employment to our candidates, a lucky few of whom are currently employed with them today!

My experience with CHOC and the management team is always enjoyable, and truly beneficial for the parties involved.  Renoir Staffing has a wonderful, time-tested relationship with contacts in various CHOC departments.  From the corporate office in Davis to traveling area supervisors, representatives are professional and pleasant at all levels.  It’s a pleasure to do business with a company like CHOC.  Not only do they offer the local community needed solutions and services, they promote positive social values and encourage growth and education in an economically expanding field.

Congratulations to CHOC for being an inspiring example of a community-minded organization!

For more information about CHOC, click on the following link to their website:

Christina Mason, Recruiter


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