Whether you’re looking for entry into a better company, a professional opportunity in an entirely new industry, or just needing to expand your employment options, registering with the right staffing firm can make the difference for you.

At Renoir Staffing, LLC we hire year-round for candidates with specialized property management and Real Estate background.  Career improvement is on the minds of everyone we interview.  Who doesn’t want a higher salary, more convenient office location, better schedule, or a chance to work for a profitable, growing business offering potential for skill development and job advancement?

If you’re interested in truly utilizing all resources for another position, seek out personnel agencies that cater to your chosen industry.  Some are executive-level recruitment teams based in dynamic metropolitan cities.  They typically have management openings with increased salaries for those solidly established in the upper echelons of corporate life.  Clients served can be very large companies and very possibly one which you’ve had your eye on.   At mid-level, experienced workers in many fields can research and apply with staffing recruiters for openings in technology, medical, business accounting, and more.  Ask your staffing contact about client profiles and if they have a service account or history with your target company.  College graduates and entry-level candidates might try signing up with a general staffing firm for office administrative work in a specific industry.  Websites are extremely helpful for information on your local agencies and may provide direction as to the viability of potential employment connections for you.

Take advantage of the additional hiring agents out there.  You will need to be inquisitive – a few will charge a small fee, or percentage of the annual salary, for any successful placement made.  I recommend using Google to start, if you’re not sure where the networking begins and what companies to reach out to.  Get yourself a Linked-In account online to find and introduce yourself to good sources.  Ask anyone you know about friends of theirs who work in your field and call on temporary staffing firms.  Invite discussion, pass along your resume, and request referral for relevant interviews!

Be honest, realistic, and ready to negotiate.  Staffing has been influenced by the status of the economy, as in the case of various other sectors.  The more flexible you are able to be, the more likely you will be to hear back from recruiters and associates about chances to get a face-to-face appointment with a hiring company, have a phone interview, or even try out a working interview.   Keep a professional manner and listen openly to feedback on everything from your resume itself to your conversation style.   Remain appropriate with follow-up as well, and ask what method of contact is preferred.

As a recruiter, I really enjoy setting candidates up for success with small tips as needed.  Sometimes an extra bullet point or a bold highlighting of a special achievement can generate that much more interest in your application! Generally speaking, you’ll also want to “mirror” the style of whomever is interviewing you – whether they’re a staffing agent or anyone else.  Dress for the position you desire, and present yourself with confidence and a smile.  Talk in positive tones and stress strengths and what you can bring to the team you’ve studied, at the level they need.

My favorite stories in this business are those where we’ve provided a golden opportunity for a deserving applicant, and they earned a lasting hire with a wonderful and competitive company out of it!  This has happened many times for us over the years, and I am still “wow-ed” by the testimonies of those who stay in touch after a memorable and life-changing experience with Renoir.  If you would like to get your foot in the door, contact a recruiter today!

Knowledge and the right person at the right time will be the keys to your success!

Christina Mason, Recruiter

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