From the Renoir Accounting Manager: How I Learned My Line of Work

Growing up I was always very good in math and it was actually one of my favorite subjects in school. When most students were taking art and music and other fun elective courses I was taking any and all types of math courses for my electives. I ventured into taking an accounting class in the… read more

Property Management: Steady Work with a Solid Future!

When I first started working in the Property Management industry I had no idea just how far I would go and that I would always end up in the industry in one shape or another, even when I was trying to make a change to a different industry. I started in the residential property division… read more

A Temporary Employee’s Safety Is Everyone’s Responsibility!

Employment through a temporary service creates many unique challenges for the safety of the employee that may not occur in a traditional employment relationship. It is the responsibility of the staffing company, the client, and the employee to create a safe place for the employee to work. The staffing company is responsible for ensuring the… read more

Links to Useful Websites for Fair Housing

Although most people think it’s common sense, by law there are certain factors about a person which cannot be used in determining their eligibility for housing and other residential-related services. In this week’s blog, you will find a compilation of information and resources you can use to beef up your knowledge about fair-housing practices, whether… read more