It’s a dilemma that many business owners and managers are confronted with. All signs appear to suggest that adding staff would benefit productivity, yet the cost of doing so gives pause. Staffing agencies help with this dilemma of course, you can temporarily try out an individual before making the significant financial commitment (staffing agencies absorb the cost of recruiting, worker’s comp, etc.), but before you pick up the phone to call us, you can ask yourself the following questions which will help you evaluate your business’ need for staff and help us in consulting with you on the most effective solution.

  1. Are you getting your work done? This is the most important question as not completing goals is the first sign that additional staff may be required. If you’re struggling to meet deadlines, and then the majority of them still pass by despite your efforts, it’s time to take a closer look at the ratio between projects and available personnel to complete them. This is especially true if basic functions are being neglected.
  2. Are you overloading current employees with projects? Are your employees missing their own deadlines? While it could be a sign to restructure responsibilities more effectively amongst the team, what happens if that still doesn’t solve the challenge of completing tasks? A good time to hire, most likely.
  3. Are your employees sending you signals? If the above is occurring to your employees, chances are they’re feeling a little disgruntled. Nobody likes to feel that they are not providing value with their work and being caught up in a cycle of near-but-not-quite completed isn’t very valuable to a company. If employees appear frustrated more often than not, take more personal days, or lack motivation, it’s definitely a sign to throw an office party and bring on a new staff member.
  4. New projects heading your way? Maybe business has been running smoothly lately, even prospering like never before, and no one is overburdened. That’s great! But is there a new project, or twelve, on the horizon? Is business so good that you’re walking a fine line between being busy and overloaded? Learning to anticipate staffing needs is essential to ensure business continues to run smoothly.

If your business is suffering from one or more of the above problems, it’s a sure sign to consider adding staff to your company. And remember that staffing agencies can assist in other ways besides temporary help. They can recruit a direct-hire candidate for you, assist in payrolling employees, or consult with you to achieve a customized solution to your needs. Don’t run in circles trying to balance a multitude of projects that will never see the light of day, honestly evaluate your situation and if need be, give a us a call 😉

Jessie Williams, Marketing Coordinator

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