I am hearing from so many hiring managers that they just don’t have the time anymore to sift through hundreds of resumes only to get maybe a handful that actually have the experience they are looking for.  There are so many people out of work these days that a lot of people are applying anywhere that is hiring.

A staffing agency is the answer to the problem.  As a recruiter, one of our jobs is to sift through all of the resumes on the internet!  We dedicate  a lot of time to finding employees with the skills these hiring managers need, and in the case with Renoir Staffing, since we specialize in property management, our employees have the Residential and Commercial experience desired by the real estate industry.  When companies are at thier “wits end, a staffing agency can help by providing them candidates to interview that already have been pre-screened  and pre-qualified for each position.

A good staffing agency should consult with you on the level of skills and experience you desire for the position needed to be filled, and this is one of the priorities of Renoir Staffing: to make sure to get you the right person for job, right away!

Lia Lovelady-Harrison

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