PPO = Professional People’s Opportunities

This is what I refer to Renoir Staffing, LLC as. Renoir has a plethora of professional people, resources, and opportunities to assist you in your career move, change of industry, sharpening of your skills, or just exploring other areas of interest. Some resources include: CAA – California Apartment Association and the NARPM – National Association of Residential Property Managers, to name a few. Also participating through a membership with CREW.

Never would I have known that such an industry existed when I found myself faced making some career changes about 5 years ago. Property Management Staffing; you mean there are temp agencies that find people to place as apartment managers and maintenance personnel for residential and commercial properties, as well as all other functions in property management? Yes there was and is. WOW!

In the years that I have been here, starting out as a temporary employee in the receptionist capacity, I was introduced to a whole new experience in customer satisfaction. Renoir had a mission statement that not only did they recite, but was exemplified in every aspect of their communication with me and with customer, vendor, and the like that came into contact with them. Professional, assuring, confident in what they offered, but also in the product they could deliver. I quickly became excited about being a part of not only an out-of-the-norm employment team, but even more so, what they represented I could relate to. This was me. I have always taken pride and ownership of how I present myself to others, whether personal or professional. Making sure that the beginning experience would result in a long-lasting relationship. This is what I see in Renoir.

As a receptionist I became very familiar with the temporary employees (as I was one myself). I had some advantages in assisting them and understanding their needs, and how to direct them accordingly and make their experience through the many transitions they faced more pleasant; the clients on a smaller scale at times when they called frantically needing a property manager 2 hours ago because someone had an emergency; these are just some of the needs and concerns they ALL had.

We (Renoir) are people providing people with professional people to fulfill opportunities as needed. Such as the need of taking care of a family (finance through temporary employment), having a property manager at the complex to make sure that the tenants needs are taken care of and the property is running smoothly and well maintained, supplying a support person when someone is on medical leave.
Being assured that when you can go away and return, things will be in order.

Renoir has impacted the Bay Area and Sacramento Area for years and now has presence in Arizona, San Diego, and the LA Area. We are on the move and ready to assist you in your next experience in finding employment or finding someone to help get your property ready for an inspection. Renoir wants each and every experience with us to be a fulfilling and long lasting relationship. See you soon.

JoElla Barkus, Accounting Assistant

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