As of January 1, 2011, the following are the Minimum Wage Laws across the States:

The Federal minimum wage is $4.25. The State of Washington has the highest minimum wage of $8.67 hour. The states of Georgia and Wyoming have the lowest minimum wage of $5.15. There are no state minimum wage for Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina and Tennessee. Nevada minimum rate depends if you have health benefits insurance provided by the employer, $8.25 with no health insurance and $7.25 with health benefits insurance.

There are 4 states that have a minimum wage set lower than the federal minimum wage. There are 18 states with minimum wage rates set higher than the federal minimum wage.  There are 23 of the states that have a minimum wage requirement that is the same as the federal minimum wage requirement. Five states do not have an established minimum wage requirement.

The minimum wage for some states depends on annual receipts or number of employees. Puerto Rico has minimum wage rates that vary according to the industry. There are 10 states that have minimum wages that are linked to a consumer price index. As a result of this linkage, the minimum wages in these states are normally increased each year, generally around January 1st.

If you ever plan to move out of the State of California you should look up the wage rates for the state you are moving to. California has one of the best premium pay for after designated hours, daily and weekly.

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Carol Martinez, Payroll Administrator

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