Every week, I sift through a vast amount of online content looking for relevant topics to the property management industry. I’ve discovered this: while there is plenty of this content available, there appears to be very little that actually says anything. And even still less that says something new. I’ve noticed that just about anybody can call themselves a marketing guru and hold a webinar that promises the latest tips and tricks in social media for generating profit at one’s properties. But then what’s discussed is, well, the same thing another ‘guru’ told me a month ago. And the result? I’ve wasted another hour. (Truthfully I tend to leave the webinar running with a notebook handy while I do something else).

However, all my searching has not been completely for naught. I have found some resources that were really useful to me so this week I want to share them with you. There’s not many, but this is about quality over quantity. So if you’re looking for social media guidance with a property management focus, and the tools needed to manage it, here are some great links to check out:

Margaret Chaffee:  Social Media and Property Management Love this slideshow! Thoughtful and thorough, a wonderful starting point for building your brand online or even for making sure you’ve covered all your bases.

Follow: @ConstantContact. Even if you don’t use Constant Contact to send emails to current clients and prospectives, they provide great marketing tips on their Twitter page. Also, check out the Learning Center on their website for even more!

Website: Grace Hill, Inc. Every. Relevant. Tip. Is. Here. I love this website, they take their focus of providing great content seriously and you’ll definitely find value in cruising their website!

Use: HootSuite. My favorite all-in-one social media management site. Everything on one page, so convenient! And very easy to use. Follow them on Twitter, @hootsuite, for useful updates on how to successfully use their website.

Okay, now time for shameless plugging: Renoir Staffing! The past year or so we’ve put a lot of focus on building our online awareness, most notably on our website (weekly blogs! company updates!) and Facebook and Twitter pages. Follow us here. Friend us here. And be sure to bookmark our blog page! We take our job of providing the most relevant content in the industry to you seriously.

Hope you find these resources useful in building and managing your brands! Comments or suggestions? Send them over- we’d love to hear from you!

Happy Branding!

Jessie Williams, Marketing Coordinator

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