Encompass holiday events into your retention program and the goodwill will lead to higher occupancy year round.

Busy people are looking for ways to give back. You can help by having a food collection barrel at your property. Call your community food bank or the Salvation Army.

Everyone loves a contest. Invite residents to decorate their doors, offices or decorate their lobbies. Award prizes in numerous categories. Arrange for singers to escort groups around to see all the creative efforts and the winning entries.

Invite Santa to your party. Count on Renoir for a temporary employee to portray Santa at events. Take pictures for your newsletter. Santa can also deliver appreciation gifts.

Call now to reserve coverage while employees are off for the holidays. Renoir provides qualified candidates with real estate experience to handle leasing, maintenance, office support and property management.  Go to http://www.renoirstaffing.com/ or call (800) 573-6647.