One of the many reasons that Renoir Staffing, LLC. is unique is the way in which we keep our customers and employees in-the-know with social media tools. We make it a point to provide up-to-date information and breaking news to those following us on Facebook, Twitter, and our blog-all three excellent forums in which to view current job postings, industry articles, and more!

Gather inside knowledge of what it’s like to work for Renoir on our Facebook page. Our company culture is professional yet fun-a team that loves to come to work when Monday comes around! Cruise our photos, engage with the recruiters on the Wall, and don’t forget to take a closer look at our library of articles posted from the Business Times and other reputable sources-we take being experts in the real estate industry seriously and love to pass that knowledge on to you!

Follow us on Twitter and have instant access to the latest Renoir and Real Estate news available-the perfect solution when a busy day calls for getting your news quickly.

Our blog is an excellent resource for industry news, employment tips, and so much more! Posted every week, be sure to sign up for email alerts to get the best industry knowledge available delivered directly to your inbox! Every week a different member of the staff will help guide your career to further success, and don’t forget to leave comments or questions-we’re more than happy to help and love to keep in touch!

The Renoir website is the ultimate resource for the Real Estate industry. Here you’ll find access to current job openings, customer access to information about our amazing employees, newsletters covering the latest in real estate,  Renoir Team bios and affiliations, and much much more! Be sure to visit us at You’ll be glad you did!

We encourage you to keep in touch with Renoir-we love to hear from you! And don’t forget to find our company, as well as the staff, on LinkedIn.

Let’s connect!

Jessie Williams, Marketing Coordinator

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