Education is ongoing and has no boundaries to what is obtainable. Some of us prepared through high school what would be our career choice and obtained a college degree in our field of choice. Some may have stumbled into our professions while pursuing other areas of work. And passion may have driven others into meaningful fields of endeavor.

While all of us have been educated through various trainings that shaped our careers, there is always opportunity to enhance upon what we already know.

New process and procedures dictate that we re-educate ourselves continuously in order to stay marketable; personally and professionally. Our economy dictates that we become octopus-like creatures, being able to perform masterfully in various areas of skill in order to maintain our careers and manage our financial stability which in turn continues or enhances our quality of life.

As the New Year quickly approaches, look at what your current position is; is there room for improvement where you are? Are you financially satisfied? Could you be bored and have been complacent about looking at other opportunities where you can grow? What can you do to challenge yourself at work in order to grow?

Challenge yourself to learn something new in the coming year. It will take you as far as your vision will allow. Make 2012 a year for stimulating and fulfilling yourself intellectually.

To the New Year,

JoElla Barkus, Accounting Assistant

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