Is your office ready to take on the New Year? We found an excellent website, Valen’s Point (, and we had to share with you their tips on how to make 2012 the most productive and prosperous year yet! Here are their 4 recommendations in improving your business ventures this year:

1. Review Current Projects:

Capture lessons learned, customer stories, and case studies. Review and take note of any negative experiences that may have occurred and brainstorm ways to correct these problems before they happen again. The value of your business is in the stories and experience of your best projects and customers.

2. Survey customers to measure satisfaction and look for opportunity:

It is best practice to conduct periodic customer satisfaction in order to address issues or validate your process. Understanding their level of satisfaction and why they continue to do business with you is necessary input for your strategy and plans.

3. Update your business plans.

Be specific with your plans and establish the actions and the measurements you can use to gauge success. Your marketing plan should include the development of content, execution of seasonal programs, and advertisements.

4. Update your referral marketing system resources with current material:

Referrals drive many small businesses and word of mouth advertisement is a significant means of business growth. Optimizing your referral marketing system begins with delivering a remarkable experience and being referral-worthy.

By mapping out the year and taking care in the execution towards accomplishing goals, you can successfully make 2012 an excellent year for your business! Remember that Renoir Staffing is here to provide you with the best temporary and direct-hire employees in the property management industry, which can leave you worry-free to focus on your year’s goals while keeping your business running smoothly.

Here’s to a great new year!

Maria Torres, Staffing Associate

You can find the complete article on Valen’s Point by clicking on the following link: Checklist! Planning and preparing for the New Year

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