Happiness has wide ranging effects- Like improving your motivation. A study shows that adults and children who are put into good mood select higher goals and perform better than those that are unhappy. The GREAT news is that recent scientific reports show your happiness level is something that can be increased with a minimum amount of effort and that a full 40% of your happiness level is completely within your control. You may have suffered unfortunate life events, but you get a clean 40% at YOUR command. Don’t you want to be happier and in a better mood?

The Myths of Happiness:

1.       Happiness is something we find. This is not true, so don’t wait around for a magical occurrence.

2.       Our circumstances determine our happiness. This is not true, so don’t think, “IF only this would happen, THEN I would be happy.”

3.       You either have it or you don’t. This is also not true. As you read above, you’ve got 40% to develop. You CAN make improvements.

Here are some simple tasks that anyone can do to improve their level of happiness:

1. Express GratitudeYou can tell others or you can write it down.

2. Avoid Over Thinking And Social ComparisonCut down on how often you rethink your problems and compare yourself to others.

3. Practice Acts Of KindnessPractice this at least once a day. Hold the door someone, give a compliment, etc. Putting a smile on someone’s face will naturally make you smile too.

4. Nurture RelationshipsSpend time and energy in cultivating and enjoying a relationship, or healing an ailing relationship.

5. Develop Strategies for CopingPractice ways to handle or get over stress, hardship, or trauma.

6. Learn To ForgiveWrite a letter in which you try to let go of anger or resentment of someone. It’s necessary to write it, but NOT necessary to mail it.

7. Do More Activities That Truly Engage YouGet involved in something that really takes your mind away from things. Get in the “Flow Activities” – You know you’re in a flow when you lose track of time.

8. Savor Life’s Joys Pay close attention and repay life’s momentary pleasures and wonders.

9. Commit To Your GoalsPick one or several of your goals and devote time and effort to pursuing them.

10. Take Care Of Your BodyEngage in physical activity, meditating, smiling, laughing and some “ME” time.

Being happy with yourself will reflect on your work and at home so put a smile on your face and don’t worry yourself with things that you have no control of.

“Smile- it’s the most generous thing you can do and an inexpensive way to improve your mood”

Maria Torres, Staffing Associate


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