As the San Francisco recruiter with Renoir Staffing, I do a lot of research regarding economic trends in the commercial and residential real estate communities.

I’d like to share with our readers that my recent research shows a significant increase in the San Francisco commercial real estate market. Many start-up businesses are interested in San Francisco properties because the city can offer the type of talent they are seeking to hire, and the public transportation system makes it easy to pull this talent not just in the city itself, but also from surrounding areas. Leases have increased in 2011 already, in large part because rent prices are more manageable for small businesses to handle, which is great news for job seekers. When businesses save money they can then afford to bring on employees and therefore prosper!

In addition to lower rents, building purchases have gained momentum as larger businesses intend to move into the area-yet another sign that economic woes are waning!

Couple these improvements in the commercial and residential real estate market with an unemployment rate that is steadily dropping, and it is safe to conclude that we are looking at a brighter future ahead in job availability!

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