Employer Services

Benefit from Renoir Staffing's flexible human resources solutions for real estate companies. Relax knowing that employees have passed in-depth background checks, industry experience has been verified, and that our matches are guaranteed.

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Immediate Solutions

When employees are on leave, away on vacation or unexpectedly absent, Renoir Staffing can quickly provide qualified temporary staff. Expect that they can be productive immediately because they are qualified professionals with experience in leasing, maintenance, accounting, operations and property management.

Hire People Who Fit Your Property

Fill open positions using Renoir Staffing's expertise and connections to simplify recruiting. Rely on an Account Executive who knows your industry and will listen to your requirements to find qualified candidates to match the position.

Gain Time To Consider Hiring

Through Renoir Staffing’s temp-to-hire program, you can start a prospective hire as a temporary employee. You benefit from an extended working interview to fully assess how well the employee fits with your organization. The conversion fees are adjusted based on the length of assignment.

Payrolling Services

For special projects, or when you find prospective employees who you are considering hiring, Renoir Staffing can provide payroll services until the project concludes or you make hiring decisions.

Temporary Professionals

Interim Solutions

To help you fill an unexpected opening or provide staff during a transition period, Renoir Staffing has a team of professions with proven industry experience who can support your property temporarily.

Special Projects

  • Free up your employees to attend training or work on special projects by bringing in temporary professionals to handle routine tasks.
  • Increase occupancy during lease-ups by adding leasing consultants with excellent documented close rates during high traffic days.
  • Utilize temporary employees’ expertise during renovation projects or apartment turns; they know how to work around tenants with minimal disruptions.
  • During year-end accounting or other busy times of the year, supplement your existing team with qualified real estate staff.

Real Estate Qualifications

Clients give Renoir Staffing the highest rating on customer service surveys for providing qualified temporary employees with property management experience. In identifying professionals, Renoir conducts comprehensive searches, including assessments, interviews, background checks, and credential validation.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Your satisfaction with a temporary employee is guaranteed. Just contact your Account Executive within the first four hours, and Renoir Staffing will provide a replacement and deduct the charges for up to four hours worked, as described in the business application.

Temp-to-Hire Option

Boost Production

Achieve optimum productivity when you have time to evaluate a temporary employee’s performance and ability to work effectively with your team before making a hiring decision.

Pick Your Timing

Keep an excellent temporary employee working at your property while you manage budget and operational constraints through Renoir Staffing’s temp-to-hire program. When the timing is right, you can extend an offer.

Reduce The Risk

Avoid hiring and overhead costs, as well as layoff cost. Work strategically with your Account Executive to design Renoir Staffing’s temp-to-hire program around your needs.

Leverage Your Budget

The conversion fee for hiring an employee who works on a temporary basis is adjusted based on the length of time of the assignment.

Direct Hire Recruiting

Customized Services

Reduce turnover and simplify recruiting when you take advantage of Renoir Staffing’s innovative recruiting, hiring, and retention programs for real estate industry clients. Benefit from an outside perspective, fresh ideas, and decades of property management staffing experience to attract outstanding employees.

Outsource Recruiting

Save time because you see only the top candidates. Renoir Staffing recruits, prescreens, tests, interviews, checks references and conducts background checks before you are introduced to the most qualified employees.

Innovative Sourcing

Find the employee best suited to your needs through Renoir Staffing’s targeted marketing, job fairs, and extensive network of professionals developed over 27 years.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Hire with confidence because Renoir Staffing provides a 60 day replacement guarantee. We make every effort to replace the candidate. If not possible, we refund a pro-rata portion of the fee paid for the candidate placement. Communicate with your Renoir Staffing Account Executive about your concerns to enable us to address issues, coach the employee, and/or offer alternatives.

Payroll Service

Increase Your Options

When you find prospective employees who you are considering hiring, Renoir Staffing can be the employer of record until you determine if they truly are a good fit. Renoir can also provide payroll service when you rehire a former employee for a special project.

Thorough Screening

You can be confident that Renoir Staffing provides the same selection and background processes for these employees. They are also eligible for employee benefits. The candidate will work on your site as a Renoir employee until you are ready to make an employment offer or the special project is completed.


Consider payroll services as an extended interview process. You’ll have the opportunity to determine how well the person fits with your team and corporate culture. After evaluating performance, you can hire with confidence or decide to conclude the engagement. Since you identified the employee, there will not be any additional costs should you decide to hire the individual.