Links to Useful Websites for Fair Housing

Although most people think it’s common sense, by law there are certain factors about a person which cannot be used in determining their eligibility for housing and other residential-related services. In this week’s blog, you will find a compilation of information and resources you can use to beef up your knowledge about fair-housing practices, whether… read more

Holiday events support occupancy goals

Encompass holiday events into your retention program and the goodwill will lead to higher occupancy year round. Busy people are looking for ways to give back. You can help by having a food collection barrel at your property. Call your community food bank or the Salvation Army. Everyone loves a contest. Invite residents to decorate… read more

CREW Scholarship Applications due April 30

Women pursing real estate education may want to apply to the CREW Network Scholarship program offered through the Commercial Real Estate Women Network. Up to 10 — $10,000 scholarships will be awarded to junior and senior level undergraduate students. In addition to the scholarship, winners will complete internships in Commercial Real Estate and participate in a… read more