A Medley of Useful Marketing Resources!

Every week, I sift through a vast amount of online content looking for relevant topics to the property management industry. I’ve discovered this: while there is plenty of this content available, there appears to be very little that actually says anything. And even still less that says something new. I’ve noticed that just about anybody… read more

Boost the Productivity of Your Employees in Ten Easy Steps!

If there’s one thing we know, it’s how to spot successful talent in the workforce. We provide this talent for our clients but this week we also want to provide some great steps you can take to increase the efficiency of your permanent staff.  You may pick up a few pointers for yourself! Communicate with… read more

Vacancies? Not Anymore! Customer Service to the Rescue!

The headlines are telling us that more and more people are shifting their views on what they deem as acceptable housing. Renters are increasingly becoming a trend, not just out of necessity but also the result of personal choice. Home ownership has always been an emphasis of the ideal lifestyle in American culture, but that… read more

5 Tips on Preparing your Financial Future

One thing I love to do is travel. The cash money I use to spend where I go comes from the coins I have saved during the year. Whenever I have any coins I put it in a coffee can and by year end I have saved over a hundred dollars. I also put money… read more

Leasing Safety Tips

It is important to always keep safety in mind when working in a leasing office.  While sometimes it can be easy to take things for granted, you should always remember to keep safety first.   Since most leasing professionals are the first point of contact with the public in a leasing office, it is imperative to… read more

Quickly Diffuse Tension at Work!

As I’m sure we all know, tensions can get tight in the workplace, and often we don’t have the time to sit down and slowly, methodically, and patiently discuss the situation so that all parties can work productively and harmoniously together (although, this is how disputes should be handled so remember, your HR Manager can… read more

Have a Good Day at Work, Everyday!

The staffing and property management industries are entering the busy season as the days grow warmer and longer. For residential and commercial properties, there is landscaping to be done, events to prepare for, vacations looming (aka, increased workload), and a myriad of other tasks, both large and small. Some days can feel outright overwhelming. Last… read more

Best Advice About Business I’ve Ever Received

Being a business and finance student has really opened my eyes to what it takes to run a business successfully. Firstly, once you’ve narrowed down your prospects while job searching, you should get as much information about the company you’d like to work for, including an understanding of their mission or vision. If you feel… read more

A Realistic and Solid Approach to Multi-Tasking

It’s busy around the office this week! Have you been running around, trying to play catch-up, move forward on certain projects, leave time to be innovative? In acknowledgement of the busy season’s swift approach, here is one of our most popular blogs from last year: on multi-tasking! Enjoy! We have all been there, ‘there’ being… read more

The Current Climate in both the Staffing and Property Management Industry: “How to retain and attract good residents and staff”

There has been a lot of positive movement and strong indicators of growth and opportunity that we have seen recently in that past few months in both the staffing and property management industries.  As the demand for rentals has increased in the housing market, the need for more qualified staff on both a temporary and… read more