The Science of Smiling

Don’t worry, be happy! Here two things you never knew about smiling… 1. Smiling before you answer the phone will cause the person on the other end of the line to interpret your attitude as positive. It’s true! Smiling makes your voice sound friendlier. 2. Your skills plus a winning attitude will build your career. And,… read more

Holiday events support occupancy goals

Encompass holiday events into your retention program and the goodwill will lead to higher occupancy year round. Busy people are looking for ways to give back. You can help by having a food collection barrel at your property. Call your community food bank or the Salvation Army. Everyone loves a contest. Invite residents to decorate… read more

Questions to Ask in an Interview

There is no question about it – interviews can be stressful if you are not prepared.  Confidence, poise and preparation will get you through an interview but that’s not the only thing the interviewer is looking for when interviewing a potential candidate.  Are you prepared to ask questions that will set you apart from the rest… read more

Temporary employment grows

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), temporary employment offers growing opportunity. In a Statement on April 2, 2010 from Keith Hall, Commissioner, BLS, reported, “Temporary help services employment increased by 40,000 in March.  Since last September, employment in this industry has grown by 313,000, or 18 percent.” With 25 years of real estate… read more

CREW Scholarship Applications due April 30

Women pursing real estate education may want to apply to the CREW Network Scholarship program offered through the Commercial Real Estate Women Network. Up to 10 — $10,000 scholarships will be awarded to junior and senior level undergraduate students. In addition to the scholarship, winners will complete internships in Commercial Real Estate and participate in a… read more

Reflections on Positive — January’s value

During the month of January, Kimmy Wilson kept employees focused on the value of positive with these motivational thoughts: Positive  having a good effect:  favorable <a positive role model> b: marked by optimism <the positive point of view> “The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.”  – Author Unknown  Norman Vincent Peale,… read more

Maria positively reflects Renoir values

Renoir Staffing Services, Inc. has 12 values that employees reflect on regularly. Congratulations to Maria Torres for being the January 2010 Value of the Month award recipient!  She continually exemplifies the value of being Positive. This is what co-workers say:  “She always has a smile and does not ever seem irritated.” “Maria is always positive! She has been a huge help… read more

Temporary Property Management Benefits

Talented property management professionals are finding opportunity working as temporary employees through Renoir Staffing Services. With positions in Sacramento, San Jose, San Francisco and cites throughout Northern California, Renoir offers excellent career opportunities. A temporary assignment can be like a working interview. Gain a competitive edge by working with a potential employer. Renoir offers temp-to-hire… read more